I am awful at school

Today it was in the 80s and it’s supposed to drop into the 40s tonight. Weird. I was outside talking to my mom on the phone and the wind picked up out of nowhere. Word is that there’s supposed to be thunderstorms.

This week is looking pretty good. I have some Organic homework due on Tuesday and I’ve already started, which is good. I have to do some more research on my honors project… I’m secretly hoping this week will be extra productive so that I can relax over the weekend (next weekend I’m going home). After my weekend at home, I’m counting on another (extra) productive week, as it’s right before spring break… And after spring break = tests galore. So… yeah.

This weekend has been nice. Devon and I went to a restaurant called Babalu on Friday and it was wonderful. I had the fish tacos (it was Drum and it was wonderful) and Devon had the chicken tacos (also good). We shared their queso (which was also great) and the empanadas (again, great). Too full for dessert, but I’m already planning our return trip.

I also happened upon a Jackson foodie blog, Eat Jackson, which will be leading me on many a culinary adventure in the coming weeks.

I’ve been relaxing, other than that one night out. We watched a ’90s movie called “My Fellow Americans,” which should have started the “buddy presidents” genre of film. The fact that there aren’t any other movies in the genre is disappointing.

I’ve also played some Arkham Asylum again. I think I’m nearing the end – I’ll probably finish it off over spring break, if not before. Also, I watched an episode of Veronica Mars. Good weekend.


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