Well, I made it to break. I think I did somewhere between pretty good and awesome on my genetics test. Probably close to the former than the latter.

As for break, I’ve declared the first weekend “Spring Break weekend,” which on Monday will transform into “Spring Break Study-Your-Life-Away.” I’m not looking forward to it. A poor choice that will only make the week harder: I just purchased Dawn of War II. It’s downloading on Steam right now. I thought about picking up Retribution right off the bat, but I figured since the original is the same price, I might as well pick it up and maybe grab the two expansions later.

I feel like I’ve talked about DoWII before. I was part of the “beta” back whenever that was. Let me see if I ever mentioned it on here… Ah, I did!

And it looks like I was right, I am in fact purchasing it after a price drop (or two). Go past Cheshil!


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