Test Anxiety

My shift key is working again!

Over the weekend, I played the Arrival DLC for Mass Effect 2. I enjoyed it, though I have to say I saw the “big twist” coming.

Anyway, I’m sitting here with a big Physics lab practical/test tomorrow and it sucks. It’s not really something you can study too much for – I know how to work each of the experiments, get the data, and presumably do the calculations. I’ve read over most of the theoretical stuff and reviewed old labs… So there’s not much more for me to do. I’m trying to work on other stuff (of which there is more than plenty), but I feel like I should be studying for the test. Bah. At least it’ll be over tomorrow afternoon/evening and I can semi-relax for a night (though I’ll have genetics to do, and a paper, and…).

I’m ready for the summer. That’s obvious, right?

(in other news, I have Portal 2 pre-loaded and ready on the off chance I develop a bit of free time and can get to play some games. Perhaps on my birthday I’ll spend a couple of hours with it…)

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