The Turbulent Tale of my Genetics Final

Today, at approximately 1:30 PM the power at Millsaps College went out. I was finishing off lunch and doing some last minute studying for my 2 o’clock exam. I thought that I was pretty well prepared.

The exam started fine (in that nothing went wrong; I would be lying if I said it was simple). I arrived at question number 8 on the best, I believe on the 3rd page (of 7). As I worked furiously on it, the tornado sirens went off. There was a noticeable silence as everyone stopped working and looked around. After a few moments of confusion, it was determined that, because there was no power and thus no way to find out what we should do, we would go down to the basement. I scribbled “Safety vs. Grades” on my test, shrugged and left. It was approximately 2:50 when we arrived in the basement, and we stayed, huddled in the dark, only surrounded by 2 glass doors and 2 more doors that were only slightly open.

After about 15 minutes, it was determined that we should go up and finish our exam. I was done at about 4:30. I checked my phone to see the College’s twitter announcing that our exam would be rescheduled to tomorrow. But meh. I’m done. I’m not taking it again. I could go for some hazard extra credit, though.


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2 Responses to The Turbulent Tale of my Genetics Final

  1. Christopher says:

    When I took Genetics last year, we had 3 tests and a final. The 3 tests were all incredibly easy. The final getting punched in the balls.

    It wasn’t fun.

    • cheshil says:

      Our tests have been back an forth, honestly. But one of the problems (number 8, as mentioned above) on the final was so crazy that ~2 hours into the test she gave us a hint and told everyone to do other parts of the test and not get stuck on that one.

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