Summer Goals, 2011 Edition

As is my annual tradition, today I will outline my goals for the (already upon us) 2011 summer.

It has occurred to me that next summer is likely to be my last summer off before they start to make me go to school year round, followed by getting a “job” and so on (apparently they don’t give you a summer off, either – wtf). So, in anticipation of next summer being blissfully empty of obligations (and full of video games, food, and sleep), I must use this summer to prepare.

As it stands, the goals are as follows:

1. Finish off the majority of my honors thesis, the research for which I will be completing over the summer at Millsaps.
2. Study for the MCAT a lot. My goal (out of a possible score of 45) is a 37. I don’t know how difficult nor possible that will be.
3. Try and finish some games – I still have some AC: Brotherhood I’d like to finish, as well as Dawn of War II, Deus Ex, and I still haven’t finished Arkham Asylum. So, yeah. Some gaming.
4. Mass Effect weekend. It’s happening.
5. A LAN Party or 2. I’ve got some ideas.

That’s it, I think. Short list, ton of stuff to do.


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