First Day in the Lab: A Timeline

8:40 AM – Wake up

9:00 – Arrive at lab. Do lab work (remind me to tell you about the ‘Reverse Katamari’). Write in lab notebook.

1:20 PM – Lunch break! I ate a ramen cup. It said not to microwave it. I did. I did not regret it.

2:00 – Return to work

4:30 – (feels like 5 hours later) Leave lab. Talk with Devon. Put off studying for MCAT.

5:45 – Begin studying for MCAT

6:05 – Go to Wal-Mart. Get snacks and dinner.

~7:00 – Return from Wal-Mart. More MCAT.

8:00 – Dinner. Wal-Mart deli BBQ chicken and jalapeno poppers. Worth it.

8:30 – Back to work!

~9:20 – Done with MCAT for tonight. Approximate progress = 1 chapter/25 pages

9:30 – Take a shower

9:55 – Write a blog post.

10:00 – Relax.


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