Cheshil’s E3 Highlights

In case you don’t have time to keep up (honestly, though, make time) or just want to know what I found interesting… Links! Hopefully I’ll keep this updated as the week progresses.

Mircosoft Press Conference
Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – Gunsmith – The actual shooting via Kinect looks pretty meh (even MORE inaccurate than a controller, wow), but the gunsmith thing is super cool. Watch the video.
Mass Effect 3 – Kinect Voice Commands – Liara, singularity! So cool.
Fable The Journey – NOMINEE for Most Bored Demo Player; watch for super boredom!

EA Press Conference
Star Wars: The Old Republic – I’m not an MMO player, but I can appreciate an awesome trailer when I see one.
Overstrike – I don’t know, but something about the trailer made me happy. No gameplay, but still.
Battlefield 3 – Spectacular. Who doesn’t want to fight in Paris? Looking forward to picking it up whenever I get a new PC. Also, extra points for the live demo being played on PC. Oh. And. OMGbeautifulwow.

Ubisoft Press Conference
Rayman Origins – Just looks like some fun platforming. Plus, the tetris!
Far Cry 3 – I really liked the beginning of the trailer, but once it became shooty-shooty-kill-everyone it get less exciting. Still worth seeing for the beginning, though.
Ghost Recon Future Soldier – Sold me on the four player co-op. It looks exciting… and fun!
Antoine Henry – Best Beard of E3, I’d say.

Sony Press Conference
Dust 514 – I just think the cross compatibility with EVE is pretty cool.
Kevin Butler – MIA? Laaame.

Nintendo Press Conference
Pre-Air Video – Oh, Reggie. So cool
Zelda 25th Anniversary – Orchestra? Awesome. Compilation video? Great. Thanking the audience? Classy.
WiiU (Wii U?) – It grew on me as the conference went on. Still don’t like it that much, but I prefer to think of it as Wii University. It’s better that way.
Smash Bros – Oh, Iwata. What a jerk. But we love you.
3rd Party – Wow! Arkham City? Metro: Last Light? I’m impressed. Also. Assassin’s Creed.

The Show Floor
Assassin’s Creed Revelations
Gameplay Footage (Ubi Press Conference)
GameSpot Impressions
Desmond Trailer (SPOILERS for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood)

Mass Effect 3
Collector’s Edition Details!
Voice Commands 360 Only
The demo made someone cry.

13 Minutes of Gameplay footage
Impressions from PC Gamer

Prototype 2 Trailer – Heller vs. Mercer. Looking just as awesome as the first. Need actual gameplay, though.
The Darkness 2 – Just saw the end part of a demo of this and it looked ridiculous. In a good way.
Payday: The Heist – Oh yes. Heists ftw.


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