Long Weekend

Because of the hard work/long hours we put in last week at work, we got Friday off, so I came home on Thursday. I’m glad to be home and relax (though the weekend has gone by quite quickly), but I haven’t gotten much, if any, work done since I got here.

Sure, it’s the same story every weekend I come home… But I always convince myself that “this time” I’ll get stuff done. Oh well. Relaxing is nice!

There’s a Steam sale going on, so I went ahead and picked up Dawn of War II: Retribution and some DLC for Borderlands (which I’m looking forward to playing when I get a chance).

I’ve been playing a good bit of Retribution and having fun with it.

On a sad note, Devon is going to Costa Rica on Tuesday and I won’t be able to see her after today for a month, so that sucks. But it’ll be fun for her! That’s important. Makes me sad, though. 😦

Because I don’t want to end this with a sad face:


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