Oh, right

So the whole one-post-a-week thing fell by the wayside, didn’t it? I feel sort of bad about it, because I kept remembering to do it that week – but always when I was walking out the door or some similar situation, meaning it didn’t get done. After the week passed I stopped feeling bad about it and put my focus elsewhere.

Yesterday was my last day of work! I’m sad. I enjoyed the research and we got a whole lot of cool stuff done – I did a Western blot. Isn’t that awesome? Of course, I think that the entire situation would have been better had I not had to go back to my room and study for the MCAT nightly, but there’s nothing I can really do about that now, is there?

MCAT. That’s tomorrow, by the way. In 24 hours, I should probably be… writing an essay? Maybe at the end of verbal reasoning, depending on how long I take at each break. Emotions I am feeling right now, as I write a blog entry before taking my final practice test:

*Nervousness – MCAT. Tomorrow. Future depends on this. Not the time to screw up. Gahhh
*Anxiety – What if I forget that magnification is height of the image over height of the object? That’s an easy point! And what about chief cells secreting pepsinogen? WHAT IF I FORGET HOW TO READ.
*Calm – …what if I do? At this point, I’ve prepared – there’s nothing I can really worry about any more. Except maybe the reading thing. That would be bad.
*Relief – No matter what, tomorrow I’ll be done. And, no matter how awful (or great!) I feel I’ve done, I won’t know a score for a month
*Everything in the world is amazing – It is. Especially after the MCAT. I’m going to clean my car. Write a short story! Play infinity video games!
*Everything in the world is due soon – Relatively. I have to finish my primary med school application! And secondary applications! And my honors thesis! AND SCHOOL IS IN THREE WEEKS.

So. A lot of stuff. But the most important part is relief. Tomorrow, at the very least, I can enjoy being free.

Edit: Also, I haven’t shaved in like three weeks. Firstly, because playoff beard. Secondly, perhaps it will frighten the MCAT. I am a savage test-taking human, computer based test. I am your master. Or something like that.


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