King of the LAN Party

Today I hosted what was the best LAN party we’ve ever had. I’m tired.

Everyone is either asleep or gone (and thus, likely, asleep). I would sleep, but I don’t want to be a bad host and people are sleeping on couches and it would be rude to leave them like that. Also… Kailey is sleeping on my bed? Yeah.

Anyway. LAN Party.

We played a bunch of games. There was a bit of Retribution (just a single Last Stand game), and a bit of Company of Heroes (against some AI – not too hard). There was also an epic 7v1 comp stomp against a cheating AI in Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance. That also wasn’t so bad. Then, we modded FA to have an even better AI. That match was much harder (still 7v1), but we were victorious.

Mainly, though, we played Team Fortress 2. That was a lot of fun. We made a LAN server and played each other and I think everyone really enjoyed it – I know I did. And people got achievements and unlocked new weapons.

The best part of this LAN was that pretty much everyone had TF2 already installed – and for Forged Alliance, we were able to quickly get it ready. Thus, no wait time – we probably did more gaming in the first 6 hours than we can usually manage in a whole LAN.

So. Yeah. Good times. This may be very disjointed. I’m tired. Would have waited to write this, but it’s likely I never would have.


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