The Upcoming Week

…is going to be a bit rough. I think I can handle it (or, I hope I can), though. Hopefully. Maybe. Possibly.

Monday – After class, need to count ~28 slides for my Honors Thesis/Poster, plus do some Con Law reading. Also, P&W, Quiz Bowl, SAEC. Also, study for Physiology quiz… bah
Tuesday – After class, it’s P&W and then hopefully we’ll be done by about 9 or 9:30. I’ll need to work on Biochem, which I have been neglecting for way (waaaay) too long. Possibly something for senior sem, too…?
Wednesday – Dedicated to creating my poster (conference in ~2 weeks! Ah!). Haven’t particularly started, so… Yeah. Also, probably have other stuff to do. If I’m lucky, I can do some biochem!
Thursday – This is my long day of classes. I hope to have made enough progress on Wednesday to not do what I did last week. Last week, I had to prepare an experiment to run this past Friday, as well as work on my Honors thesis… Result? Spent 6:30 PM – 12:30 AM in the lab. It was necessary so that I wouldn’t get too distracted (though football didn’t help). Worked out then, but I’d like to avoid it in the future. Either way, I’ll be finishing my poster this Thursday, and hopefully (super hopefully) doing some biochem (’cause that test is sneaking up on me).
Friday – Depends. Likely I’ll have my poster edited. Depending on how my cell counting goes (see Monday), I’ll either need to re-run that test (pleasepleaseplease no) or I’ll get the afternoon off. My plan is, with Matthew, to semi-speedrun Super Mario Sunshine. Could be fun, or could be a busy day. Or both. Hoping for only fun please.
Saturday – Relax, but also do some Con Law reading/a brief. I’m not going to get a brief done for this week’s class, sadly, but I’ll have no choice but to do one for next week. I may do that work on Friday (if free) and save Sunshine for Saturday. We shall see.
Sunday – Football! Also, probably, more work. Maybe something for senior sem?

So… Yeah. Busy week. Probably going to get busier before it gets less busy, but still.


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