End of the Week & So Forth

So, my week. It was relatively successful. I didn’t do any Biochem, though, which is bad. It (and Con law) are my foci for tomorrow. I did not end up doing Con law on Friday, sadly. I tried, got distracted, went to sleep… and that was that.

Wednesday! I was supposed to count some cells, and that experiment was pretty much a failure. I worked on my poster.

Thursday! Still no biochem! But, I finished off my poster around 10. Sent it off and rejoiced.

Friday! No biochem, but professor Anglin said my poster looked good. She edited it and I have a few things to do, but it’s pretty much ready. We added a couple of figures and changed stuff around because of my failed experiment.

Today was Paranoia. I woke up and worked on my campaign, which I finished a little bit after everyone arrived. It took, well, a long time – in-fighting everywhere, as expected. I think everyone had a good time. It was 3 acts, with acts 1 and 3 taking a loooong time. Still, good fun. Hope to do it again next month or so.

Tomorrow, I wake up for football, then dedicate the day to equal parts Biochem & Const. Law, with a bit of football checking. I also need to read a paper, write some questions and come up with some ideas for senior sem, but hopefully that’ll be easy. Maybe I’ll catch a bit of the late game tomorrow. Probably not.

The next week should be interesting, as it’s the week before the biochem test and the week of the conference. I’ll be studying a lot of biochem and not working on my thesis for once – the poster, once finished, will be my progress (the last edits will take maybe half of an hour). We leave for the conference on Thursday evening-ish and I believe the poster session is on Friday evening. We should be back on Saturday at some point. Hope to learn a lot.

Also hope to get studying done. We can choose when we take our Biochem test, so I aim to take it Wednesday of the week after the conference, then relax my way into the weekend (probably going home). Sure, it’ll be two weeks without thesis work, but still. I’m assuming I’ll have a Phys test the same week of Biochem, too, so there’s that. After my weekend at home, I’ll be hitting my thesis hard (nightly) & finish it by mid-Oct.

So, that’s for now until then, sort of. I’m sort of exhausted.


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