Movin’ Towards Biochem

We are allowed to take our Biochem test at any point this week before 6:30PM on Thursday. You can’t start after 6:30PM on any day, either. I’m planning on taking mine on Wednesday, probably starting around 3 (so I have don’t feel any time crunch). They’re long tests, with no time limit.

Today I missed my first chemistry class in over a year (as I didn’t miss a day of Organic). I was tired and my 11 o’clock was canceled, so I made the executive decision to not go to biochem – new material isn’t going to help me on the test. Plus, Devon went. I feel bad, but it was probably the best call. The sleep will help me get some work done this evening.

Because of the test/honors that face me (plus everything else), I won’t be able to enjoy TV shows until next weekend. Even then, I have a test in about a week, so there’s only so much I can enjoy. Eh. I’ll make it work, I’m sure. Also, I have a million secondary applications to fill out for medical school.

Alpha Protocol is/was on Steam sale for $2. Managed to snag it. Fall break gaming? You better believe it.


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