Thanksgiving, Canadian Style (+fall break)

Today is Canadian Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much American Thanksgiving (overeating, parades, football), but further north and a month too soon. Enjoy it!

I’m currently taking a break from studying for my Const. Law test tomorrow. Not 100% sure what to expect; 3 out of 4 (or 5) questions to be answered in essay format in (at most) 90 minutes. I’m hoping that’s going to be doable. We’ll find out tomorrow, won’t we?

In other news, I’m planning on sending my first full draft of my Honors project to committee on Friday. I’ve got another draft to finish by Tuesday evening, I think, then do revisions on that before I send it off. Shouldn’t be too big of a deal. After that, it’s smooth sailing into the long weekend (Fall break!).

During this week, I’m going to do my very best to get ahead in my classes so I don’t have to work (too much) over the break. Hopefully I can finish a Const. Law brief (or two!). I don’t think that will take too long; in total, they only take about 1.5 to 2 hours if I’m into it. Maybe get some more stuff done, too – but I don’t know what. Mostly because I don’t know of any big assignments due just after fall break. I have a biochem test a week or so after it, but I don’t know how much studying will help me this week.

Over the break, I’m going to a concert (Cold War Kids!), and relaxing. Games (Alpha Protocol, TF2 – which I’ve been playing quite a bit of), some TV (still haven’t seen Terra Nova)… oh. And some Med School secondary apps. Ouch.

But overall? Relaxing: both to make up for the last few weeks and also in preparation for the run to real Thanksgiving (and then, of course, finals). One step at a time, though.

(P.S.: Went to the State Fair last weekend. Delicious. I ate: free biscuits (x2), chicken-on-a-stick, grilled corn, fried snickers bar, a slice of pizza, and a cheesecake dipped in chocolate… I believe that’s it. Might be going again soon, in which case I want to try: more corn (possibly fried), chicken-on-a-stick, another fried candy bar, and a blooming onion. Om nom nom.)


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