The end of October

So, it’s Halloween! I wish I could have gone trick or treating, but sadly it was not in the cards. I did dress up, though… as a Sim! Pictures may or may not be forthcoming.

I am currently studying for a biochem test (which I will probably take on Thursday) and a Phys quiz that is tomorrow. brb, stopping devon from writhing*

I don’t know what’s worse – one test every week or so (this semester) or several tests in a 3 day span (last semester). They sucked a lot last year, true, but at least they were over! Bah. This year is better, but maaan, does it feel like I constantly have ten things to do.

On the bright side? [American] Thanksgiving is almost here!

*fits of rage/restlessness/violence. Must be suppressed. It did not end well for either of us.


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