Finals Week Blues

Wasn’t I just talking about Biochem?

My comprehensive (miserable) Biochem final is tomorrow (today/Monday) at 2PM. We have only 4 hours, meaning at 6 PM tomorrow I will finally be free of biochem (forever/until medical school)! That will be nice.

Until, then, though, it’s studying, studying, studying. I studied until late last night, late tonight (as you can see) and I’ll be getting up early tomorrow to keep studying. I will then take tomorrow evening off (Zelda!), then begin studying again on Tuesday & Wednesday for my comprehensive Physiology final on Thursday. Following my next night off on Thursday, I’ll study on Friday and Saturday for my Saturday Constitutional Law final. I’ll likely sneak some reading for it in earlier, but still.

Following that, though, I am finally, actually, free. Five week of Winter Break… go! Yeah. Should be great. I have a bunch of shows to catch up on.

Also, now that it is Decemeber, my blog should be snowing… Right?

Just checked. It is. Awesome!


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