The End of Break

How depressing.

It’s hard to say break wasn’t long enough considering it was a solid 5 or so weeks. I’m content with saying it started way too late (Saturday finals? really?), but otherwise I suppose any longer and it would have to be summer. Still, though, I have zero interest in doing another semester… even if it’s the last one. Bah.

It’s also going to be hectic, what with comps. I think they’ll be over by the end of March/early April, though, so it’s possible I’ll be able to enjoy that month. You know, disregarding classes. But, on the bright side I won’t have to take finals! Of course, I’ll probably have to write final papers (laaame), but maybe not.

My schedule is actually really nice, except for Tuesdays. Yay for the first day of the semester being a Tuesday, right? Gross. Of course, being done with class at 9 is better than newspaper until 10. Also, 9 o’clock seems far too late to study for comps, so I may take Tuesday evenings off. We’ll have to see.

Well. Whatever. At least after this semester is super awesome summer of awesome/last real summer forever and ever. Positives and negatives to that, but we’ll focus on the positives. Still, though, it’s long time for now. Until then – new semester. Bring it.


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