Closing out the year

With oral comps completed, I’ve moved into the “stay-motivated-dude” portion of my last semester here at Millsaps. All but guaranteed to graduate (you know, barring a sudden failure at school), I am currently lacking motivation for my last 2-3 weeks. Mostly because I just want to enjoy summer: play some games, get some sleep… But I can’t. Not yet.

Things left to do before the end of the semester: Core 10 paper (no grade), Presentation in Churchill class, Presentation in Civil Liberties, final Ecology test, Churchill paper.

I’m working on the Core 10 paper (due Wednesday!), the two presentations aren’t going to be too bad, the final ecology test will require studying and my Churchill paper should be worked on soon. Plus I have the usual amounts of reading. So, overall, not much left. Very little, in fact. Hence the lack of motivation.

I am also beginning to prepare for my next gaming PC. I hope to have it before I graduate (which is May 12th, by the way). That way this summer can fully be dedicated to games. Seems fair.

Nothing else really to report. I will be looking for an apartment this week. Soon after graduation, I hope to get a kitten.


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