So, last Friday I officially found and selected by apartment. It is a comfortable 10-15 minute commute from school and is in a really nice location. It’s newly renovated, too, so the kitchen/bathroom are really nice. I’m really excited! I’m moving in (sorta) on the 25th. I’ll move some of my dorm stuff over around that time, at least. As for the rest of my stuff (like my bed), it’ll probably be making the trip just prior to my graduation. I’ll be having a LAN at my place the week following graduation. Super exciting!

Also, it’s pet friendly. Soon I will have a kitten!

This semester is just about over. One more class this week + next week, and then I’m free. I have a test a week from tomorrow and a paper due in the next couple of weeks (which I’m working on now). I am ready to begin summer and sleep/play games/eat forever. Until med school.


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