Status Update

So, I’m currently playing Beyond Good & Evil, the critically acclaimed but commercially unsuccessful game from Ubisoft. I’m not far at all (maybe an hour in?) but despite a rather poor PC port, I’m really enjoying it. Case in point about the porting job, you can’t use subtitles because they don’t sync up with the audio which doesn’t sync up with the mouth movements. Annoying.

I’ve read a couple of books recently, too.

Oh, also, currently my blog is a ” Tale of College, Gaming, Television, & Probably Some Other Stuff” (or so I have at the top), but I guess it isn’t College anymore. Need to do something about that. A tale of med school? Hm.

Edit: Also! I purchased Battlefield 3 because it was 50% off. I’ll finally play it when I have my new PC. yay!


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