Cheshil’s Links: Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

Assorted links to trailers/videos, previews, and other things I find interesting.

(Press Conference Dates/Times)

Quote of the week: “[Watch Dogs] looked so good at the Ubisoft event that people were speculating it might be next-gen. It’s not next-gen. It was just running on a PC.” (


Nintendo Direct: Wii U final controller, Miiverse, Pro Controller, and more
New 3DS Model? – I’d be cool with this as long as the DS backwards compatibility was still included. There are a bunch of DS games I’ve been meaning to play… This might be a reason to invest in a 3DS.
Pikmin 3!
ZombiU – Looks pretty cool, I’ll be honest.
The Classic Keighley/Reggie Interview
Call Me Maybe… again!
Lego City Undercover – This just seemed like fun, I’ll be honest.
Mass Effect 3 – hopefully with a better ending.


Xbox SmartGlass – Looks pretty cool, actually.
Resident Evil 6 – Is this game just a bunch of awful set pieces? (Same thing goes for the new Tomb Raider)
Call of Duty: Black Ops II Trailer/Gameplay – What can I say, it looked pretty cool.


Splinter Cell: Blacklist
Assassin’s Creed III – Cinematic Trailer
Splinter Cell: Blacklist CGI Trailer – I have a weakness for explosions.
Rayman Legends
ZombiU – That trailer was fantastic.
ACIII Gameplay – Awesome! I could get used to freerunning in trees.
Swifty! So where’s Athene?
Shootmania – Actually seems pretty interesting. Could be fun at a LAN.
Watch Dogs: CTOS Trailer
Watch Dogs gameplay – This is the highlight so far. Looked spectacular! I wonder how dynamic it’ll be, though? Apparently it’s next-gen. Demo was running on PC.
Just Dance 4 features Call Me Maybe – Hell yeah.
Assassin’s Creed III Naval Combat – Oh yeah. Sign me up!


Dead Space 3
Sim City – What, PC games at the EA press conference? WHAT NEXT.
TOR goes F2P up to level 15 – July. Hm. Having just played some recently with Francisco, I may have to try this.
No Generals 2? LAAAAAAAAAME.


Beyond – Can we liveblog it?
PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale – I want to be PaRappa the Rapper.
Far Cry 3 Co-Op – I am a sucker for co-op.
The Last of Us – Interesting, interesting.


Alan Wake 2 Incoming?
Counterstrike: Global Offensive Release Date/Price – For $15 I might have bought it… Except that it comes out 2 weeks into medical school. Lame.
Borderlands 2 “Zero” Gameplay/Commentary
Dishonored E3 Trailer
Star Wars 1313 Gameplay – Wow, fancy graphics! It’s running on PC, which is why it has nice graphics.
XCOM Enemy Unknown E3 Trailer
The E3 Press Conference PC Gamers Deserve
Project P-100 – New game from Platinum Games. It’s quite nice looking.
Project P-100 Gameplay/Dev Commentary
ZombiU Gameplay Footage/Dev Commentary – Roguelike elements, super cool. I like it.
Hawken Gameplay/Commentary
Assassin’s Creed III Wii U Gameplay – Looks crisp.
War of the Roses Gameplay Trailer – Melee multiplayer? I could play that.
End of Nations E3 Trailer – F2P RTS = LAN Party potential.
Watch Dogs’ Online Connectivity


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2 Responses to Cheshil’s Links: Electronic Entertainment Expo 2012

  1. Pontifex says:

    Yeah, I’m definitely up for some F2P TOR in July.

  2. silver price says:

    But Smartglass seemed pretty cool. Basically, it seems as though Microsoft will be releasing an app that works for Windows phones and tablets, as well as for Android and iOS devices that can integrate with the Xbox 360. We got a glimpse of watching a movie on a tablet, then finishing it on the Xbox. We also saw the Xbox being controlled via tablet and phone, and the new Internet Explorer web browser for the Xbox 360, also being controlled via the phone, along with pinch-and-zoom capabilities.

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