Cheshil vs. Gross Anatomy & Developmental Anatomy

In less than 24 hours, I will be taking my finals in GA & DA (though the Board is on Friday).

There are several things I need to do, so I thought (as it’s been a while), I’d make a list and try to keep it updated through the day. It’ll also offer me some built in breaks.

Without further ado…

In General

– Make a to-do list

Gross Anatomy

– Review Skull
— Esp. Pterygopalatine region
– Draw all cranial nerves
— (x2)
— (x3)
– Practice mnemonic
– Reread highlighted parts of Moore’s
– Learn the branches of the maxillary artery

Developmental Anatomy

– Finish all 4 SSMs
— Read book for last SSM
— Take quizzes
— Take Practice Quizzes
— Review SSMs
– Review Clinicals for this block

— Review Clinicals for last block
– Know derivatives of all pharyngeal arches

I’m sure there’s more to come…


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