Life Update

So, we don’t have class today as we had a Histo written and practical exam yesterday and a physiology exam tomorrow. That means I am spending today studying (shocker). This is rather weird schedule, to be honest, and it only gets weirder as we have a test next Monday (Histo national board) and then that Friday (Physiology). The bright side is that it’s Spring Break after that!

…during which I’ll need to study biostats and more physiology for tests the week after Spring Break. I suppose no one ever said it would be easy.

Otherwise, things are alright. Altair has recently moved to being an outside cat in Ocean Springs. Hopefully he’ll be happier/less violent in that role than he was here.

And, to conclude, there has somehow been a surge in C&C Generals 2 news coinciding with my renewed interest in the game. Perhaps I’ll take a study break later, post some screens, and do a bit of an analysis. We’ll see.


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