Histo national board. Then class until 5 (which is going to suck). But still. Histo will be done!

I’ll need to study and keep motivated this week so I can make it to spring break. This spring break, like a few years ago, will be more of a “spring break weekend” than an actual break. I’ll enjoy the first weekend, and slowly ramp up studying over the course of the week. I have a biostats exam the week after break. It shouldn’t be hard, but I’ll have a bunch of work to go over.

More importantly, there’s a cumulative physiology “final” the Friday after break (and its board the Monday following). That’s what I’m hoping to get a jump start on, studying-wise. I guess we’ll see.

In other news, I have begun my search for my next cell phone. It’s looking like it’ll be either the Samsung Galaxy SIV (pending announcement on March 14th) or the HTC One (which is bringing a rather nice $100 rebate at launch). I’m leaning towards the latter, but Samsung will have a chance to wow me into the Galaxy before I place my order.

The laptop search is less fruitful. Someone should really get around to announcing a Haswell ultrabook or two. Please?


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