You know that turns 10 years old next month?

That’s a lie. It’s already 10. But the “official” launch was on Sept. 13, 2003. I’ve been trying to brainstorm ways to celebrate it (also not true*), but nothing seems right. To those of you non-spambots that read this (is there anyone out there?!), what do you think?

*September 13 turns out to be the Friday (oooh, Friday the 13th!) before my first set of block exams. Anything of interest to happen would be on the 10 years+1 week, Sept. 20th, which is just that much better.

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I am going to post more

I don’t know what I’m going to post, but I’m going to post more. It’s satisfying hitting the archives and reading about random stuff from, say, high school. I’d like to do the same for med school 5 or 10 years down the line, so I’m going to put in extra effort to post more.

Here’s to hoping this isn’t ironic!

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And so begins M2 year…

Welp, the last summer vacation of my life sure went by fast. I enjoyed doing research, though I admit to wishing I had more than 2 weeks off total.

Can’t change it now. First class of my second year of med school is in less than 8 hours! …yay?

Devon and I have been playing Tales of Graces f – we’re nearly 30 hours in. It’s pretty fun! Though the combat system is different from my previous experiences in the Tales series (CC vs. TP), I’m finally getting used to it and enjoying it. Certainly makes for an interesting twist.

Well… I guess that’s it. See you guys on the other side!

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Tales of…

So, Devon and I bought a PS3 because there are 5 Tales of games on the console. The only one out right now is Tales of Graces f but she and I put ~10 hours into it over the weekend.

We haven’t played one since Vesperia which we beat in… 2010? Maybe?

Either way, I’m excited. There’s nothing that comes close to scratching the JRPG itch except for a full-fledged JRPG.

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There was a LAN party

It was interesting.

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Uh oh

Can’t believe it’s June. Forgot to post all month – first time that’s happened in the 9+ years I’ve had this. I’ll try to do better, blog.

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Yesterday was my birthday. All-in-all, pretty solid.

Devon came last weekend which was pretty fun. She made delicious cheesecake! Also, we saw Jurassic Park 3D, during which some ancient mammalian part of my brain awoke and reminded me that giant lizards are not, and will never be, our friends.

My new phone (HTC One) also came last weekend. It’s pretty nice – well built, good battery life, nice UI. More comments later.

Yesterday I went out to lunch with some friends and dinner with my family – both nice. On Monday I’m celebrating with my friends again, this time without the specter of 3 (or 4 if you’re being technical) tests hanging over me.

Today, Monaco came out. I’ve played a bit (maybe an hour total) and it’s quite fun. Looking forward to getting some MP in to see how well the game really shines.

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